About The Owners


We are two New York City musicians, Garry Dial and Terre Roche. Music has brought many wonderful blessings into our lives, not the least of which is each other.

We are supremely fortunate to be the proprietors of magical Moonswept Villa on the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. For us, Moonswept is a retreat from the intensity of New York City. We go there with our instruments and practice music while the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature rejuvenate our spirits and clears a space for the Muse to arise. We’re thrilled to be able to share this experience with the many travelers who come to Moonswept.

High above the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, with a breathtaking view of the outlying islands, Moonswept is splendid in the morning, enchanting in the moonlight. If we had to pick one word to describe the feeling of being at Moonswept it would be “space”. When you enter the front door the high vaulted ceiling is a grand dome over the kitchen area, not unlike the sky itself. You’re inside, but you’re not cramped. Almost immediately you are called toward the Great Room by a breathtaking view of the sea through huge windows that give a sweeping vista of your surroundings. We’ve learned to stop and let each new person experience this moment fully. Many of our guests have remarked that the photographs on the website don’t begin to evoke the feeling that comes with being at Moonswept.

The villa has plenty of cozy spaces in which to congregate, yet you’ll never feel confined. The colors, the artwork on the walls, the furniture and all of the small details of the design are elements mindfully added over time to maintain an environment in which each visitor can feel at home.

The kitchen is fully equipped with all of the modern conveniences. There are two equal-sized bedrooms, each with a large screen TV, two spacious bathrooms, laundry facilities, large screen TV in the Great Room sitting area, a wine cooler and Wi-Fi throughout the house. If you feel like eating indoors, you can sit at the great Basque-style dining table in the center of the villa and watch the moods of the sea and sky changing moment to moment.

Out on the pool deck, you’ll sit under the awning in the shade and enjoy meals at the dining table, or soak up the sun’s rays on the deck chairs by the pool in a completely private environment. There’s a hot tub for soothing the tired muscles that we all seem to bring along with us. This is a great place from which to watch the night sky with its stars, moon, satellites, and comets inviting your mind to expand outward and reconnect with your true nature.

We sincerely hope that you can experience the beauty of the island of St. John through the wonder of Moonswept Villa and bring back with you some of her inspiration and serenity.

All our Best Wishes,
Garry and Terre